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Posted on July 31st, 2007 by Lamons Warren.
Categories: Our Journey, Our Journey (chronological).

This past weekend with our grandson had some high and some low points. Still uncomfortable from his surgery, James faced hunger pains as well on Saturday. Food intake finally began about mid-day, but in small, gradually increasing amounts that did not do much to fill his stomach at first. He had to content himself with sucking his paci to fill the gaps. His mood rose with the food supply, though, and by late evening he was feeling better.

With his feedings back up to previous levels, James was feeling more like his old self on Sunday and enjoyed a grunting match with Grandpa. James would grunt, Grandpa would grunt, and back and forth it went. This “conversation” seemed fairly satisfying to both of them, and I’m sure that is the way that communication begins between guys.

Monday brought several happy changes. James left his little plastic box, hopefully for the last time, and returned to a big boy’s crib. After the confined area of the isolette, the new space must seem immense to him. (It even did to us.)

Every crib needs a mobile, so Grandpa was finally able to set up one for James…a revolving, musical merry-go-round of little jungle animals. Judging from his first reaction, I believe his mobile may join Mr. Bee as a favorite thing. His eyes would follow one animal until he picked up the next in his peripheral vision and in turn follow it. His face reflected his amazement as he viewed the wonder of all kinds of creatures flying around over his head.

Another hurdle for James has been the five pound mark, and he cleared it again this weekend. With his stomach problems in the rear view mirror, we expect there to be no turning back this time. Our long weekend ended on the high note.



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