Posted on June 3rd, 2009 by John.
Categories: Our Journey, Our Journey (chronological).

I think most of the intense feelings we needed to express about James have run their course now. It’s time to integrate our ongoing memories and thoughts about him into the rest of our lives, so instead of continuing to add to this blog at, we’ll bring things to a close here and write about him at our current blog, The site will stay up, and we’ll still enjoy reading and posting your comments if you wish to leave one., with its 1,200 comments, still getting a thousand hits a day almost a year after James’s death, has changed our lives forever. Not only were we better able to track, communicate, and celebrate James’s growth by recording the details of his life online; not only did we see God shape our attitudes towards disability and suffering and doubt through our writing; but we also have been witnesses of how personally God speaks to people—even complete strangers!—through the life of our beautiful, broken little man.

We loved him, but we didn’t realize so many others would, too. It’s impossible to understand how our story could be that special, except God must be at work through the lives of the weak. It has been a humbling, exhilarating, mysterious thing to witness. The continual stream of readers and comments has challenged me to share our story with a larger audience for the glory of God. Thanks for journeying with us and for loving James, and Dora, and us, extravagantly–even though many of you knew the cost before you started.

OK, one more of Mister Cute for the road…see you soon at the House of Gjertsen.



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