a fresh start

Posted on February 11th, 2009 by John.
Categories: Our Journey, Our Journey (chronological).

Abby and I have been trying to make a habit each Sunday morning of reading over several comments left on our 482 days post. Not that we didn’t read them all the first time around, but it all happened so fast, and it’s good to just take some time to digest some of the things that our readers have said. This blog has been such a valuable way for us to process some intense things, and the process of writing has been enriched by several of you writing back.

This isn’t necessarily the last post; we’ll continue to write here anything that has to do with James and/or Dora. But as we’ve adjusted to a “new normal,” we’ve been working on a setting up a new place to write down some of our thoughts.

So for most of our future writing, you are invited to visit the House of Gjertsen.



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