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Posted on January 29th, 2009 by John.
Categories: Our Journey, Our Journey (chronological).

Abby told me recently if we didn’t post something soon that January 2009 would be our first “empty” month since April 2007.

April 2007 – it seems like a lifetime ago.

For Christmas, I got Abby a digital photo frame, so now, on our kitchen bar, we can see a new picture of James every 15 seconds or so. We leave it on all day. After cutting out the blurry shots and the shots which weren’t that great, we have a little over 1000. Not bad for 482 days. So frequently we’ll be washing dishes or preparing a meal and see some picture of our son that just makes us smile, laugh, and or sometimes cry. In some ways it’s like he’s still with us, but without the constant glucose monitoring and tube feeding. Well, without a lot of things.

I think I mentioned before that an earlier post of mine was going to be published in a book. Well, Letters from the Waiting Room is out, and it’s a compilation of various sorts of letters or journal entries that all in some way or another deal with times of life that demonstrate the depth of the human experience. Anyway, my letter to Future John is on page 21.

As far as how “future John” and “future Abby” are doing, we’re contemplating starting a new blog. It feels very sad to leave this one, and we may continue to post here if topically it has something to do with James. But there’s going to be other stories to tell which don’t seem like they belong on sweetbabyjames.info. Abby and I are trying to read about 10-20 comments each Sunday morning. Of course, we read them as they came in, but with the volume we received shortly after James died (especially from all our new Cake Wrecks friends!) we just felt we needed to revisit them. It’s pretty powerful, and hard to get through more than about 10 or 20 in one sitting.

Sometimes we wonder if our lives will touch as many people as James’s did.



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